Ski resort located deep inside of Shiga Kogen


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Trail Guide

Okushiga has a variety of slopes. From beginners trails that can be enjoyed with the whole family,
to the 3km long Downhill trail that will challenge the advanced skier/snowboarder.


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NO.1 Trail

Trail at the entrance of Okushiga Kogen The slope is gradual and wide. Great for beginners and children.

Distance 900m
The average gradient 6°
Maximum slope angle 8°

Expert Trail
(Advanced Course)

A steep slope for Intermediate and Advanced skiers. Challenge yourself on this slope which gets up to 30º angle.

Distance 630m
The average gradient 23°
Maximum slope angle 30°

Forest Trail
(Beginner, Intermediate Course)

A snow covered winding trail through the natural beauty of the forest.

Distance 1200m
The average gradient 10°
Maximum slope angle 17°

No.3 Trail
(Beginner, Intermediate course)

Great slope to practice your skills and enjoy the incredible views of Shigakogen and Japan Alps.

Distance 600m
The average gradient 13°
Maximum slope angle 16°

No.4 Trail
(Beginner, Intermediate course)

Great trail for all at the top of Okushiga Kogen. This is also the access point to Yakebitai and the rest of Shigakogen’s ski areas.

Distance 400m
The average gradient 12°
Maximum slope angle 16°

No.6 Trail
(Free Line Park)

Spacious and peaceful course surrounded by trees. This is also the location of Free line Park.

Distance 700m
The average gradient 8°
Maximum slope angle 9°


Down hill course
(Intermediate, Advanced course)

Specialty course of the full-length 2200m. View is also excellent.

Distance  2,200m
The average gradient 19°
Maximum slope angle 28°

Hill side course
(Beginner,Intermediate course)

A bypass course from a downhill.

Distance 820m
The average gradient 10°
Maximum slope angle 17°

Kumaotoshi course
(Advanced course)

Most steep course in the Okushiga Kogen. Advanced course of non-compacted snow.

Distance 400m
The average gradient 20°
Maximum slope angle 30°

Kids park
(Beginner,Intermediate course)

Kids park located in front of the center House. It is easy with a belt conveyor.