Ski resort located deep inside of Shiga Kogen


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We prepare a lot of items for children to enjoy skiing at Okushiga Kogen resort. Please come and enjoy with your family.

Kids park

Kids-only park in front of the Center House. Made easy for kids by the Magic Carpet surface lift. Special kids specific items to make learning fun. Fenced in for the safety and security of kids, so they can focus more on having fun while learning.

Kids Forest Trail

Forest Trail for kids is located next to No.1 Trail. Skiing in the forest is full of adventure! Wide enough to be safe but surrounded by trees with several way outs so you can enjoy it without worry.

Kids school

Children can get better while playing at kids park.

【Kids lessons in English】

Lesson Times / Fee 09:30 A.M. – 12:30 A.M. ¥9,000
13:30 P.M. – 15:00 P.M ¥8,000
Fullday till ¥13,500 (Including lunch)
Registration, contact Shiga International Ski School

Kids Rental

The rental items for kids are kids specific.

  Ski / Snowboard set Ski Wear
Half day(4hours)   ¥2,000   ¥2,000
1 day   ¥3,500   ¥3,000
2 day   ¥6,800   ¥5,500
3 day   ¥9,800   ¥7,000
4 day   ¥12,300   ¥8,500
5 day   ¥14,800   ¥10,000
6 day ¥16,800   ¥1,1000
7 day ¥18,000 ¥12,000

Kids room

There is a kids room in the center house. You can relax in the kids room with your child and play or watch cartoons. Great way to keep the fun going when they need that break from skiing or just warm up for a few minuets.