Ski resort located deep inside of Shiga Kogen




Operating Period / Hours

Operating Period : 12/12/2015 (Sat)-5/8/2016 (Sun)
Operating Hours : 8:00〜17:00

Pet Hotel Rates

Rates of pet hotel is from 8 am until the next day 11 o’clock as 1 night 2 days. Rates include morning and evening walks.

  Price for 1 night Extend fee(1night) Short time Species of dog The number of the crate
Small ¥3,240 ¥540 2h:¥1,080
Toy poodle・Chihuahua・Miniature Pinscher・
Miniature Dachshund・Yorkshire Terrier・
Papillon weight less than 10 kg
Crate 4
Medium ¥4,320 ¥864 2h:¥1,620
Jack Russell Terrier・Beagle・Shiba inu・
french bulldog・Shetland Sheepdog・Cocker Spaniel・
Miniature Schnauzer weight less than 20 kg
Crate 3
Large ¥5,400 ¥1,080 2h:¥2,160
Golden Retriever・Labrador Retriever
weight less than 20 kg
Crate 2

At Okushiga Kogen Hotel,
there are rooms where your dog can stay with you.

Please be sure to read

About Service:

  • 1. By advance reservation only. As a general rule, please book 3 days in advance.
  • 2. It’s not a 24 hours system, the staff do not spend the night. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • 3. We ask you to fill in a user contract when you arrive.
  • 4. When your pet is in the hotel you can’t come to play with your pet. (You can come to take them out for play or for a walk)
  • 5. We will walk them once or twice a day. However, we do not walk in the rain.
  • 6. Meal and walking times will depend on the situation and are not on a set schedule per say. For example the weather or arrival time.
  • 7. You can’t choose the time for taking a walk and meal.
  • 8. Please inform about your pet’s condition before you arrive.
  • 9. All charges should be paid in advance. To avoid any inconvenience to other customers, please contact us if you have changed such as pick up time.
    Please inform us if you change your pick up time. If you change your pick up time or extend their stay we might charge more ( up to 30% ). Thank you for your understanding.

What you need to bring:

  • 10. Identification of the owner (can prove a current address like drivers license)
  • 11. Vaccine certificate (Proof of vaccination within one year)
  • 12. Collar or Harnesses if you wish for walk. (which you currently use)
  • 13. Meals your dog eats at home (One day meal x night’s) It’s available what need to basically for staying, but there are dogs that will not eat from loneliness. Please bring the meal your dog normally eats.
  • 14 To reduce stress, Please bring some toy, towel with smell.

Conditions for pet:

  • 15. We accept pets which are healthy and comfortable indoors. Above 5 months old to 12 years old.
  • 16. Make sure you have vaccinations of less than 3 years, vaccination of rabies less than 1 year.
  • 17. We will check vaccine certificate and the license tag.
  • 18. Please make sure that your pet is properly groomed before coming here. Also please make sure that their nails are trimmed.

Case for refusal:

  • 19. We will not accept dogs that are less than five months old.
  • 20. We don’t accept the dogs in heat.
  • 21. We don’t accept if the dog is taking medicine.
  • 22. We don’t accept a dog that barks too loud or doesn’t stop to bark.
  • 23. We don’t accept if the dog can’t stay in cage.
  • 24. We don’t accept if the dog has a habit to bite, scratch, special dog breed. Even you made a reservation before you come if the dog has trouble in the hotel or with other pets we can’t accept to take care of your dog.
  • 25. We might not accept if the dog is old (middle dog above to 9 years old) and not healthy.
  • 26. We don’t accept outdoor dogs.
  • 27. We might not accept a dog that has a nasty smell, unsanitary condition or the dog is not clean of flea, mite and filarial.

Accident or illness while staying:

  • 28. We will do our best to get contact with owner when the pet gets in an accident or ill but if we can’t get in contact with the owner, we will follow our veterinarian’s guidelines for safety reasons. You will bear the fee from the hospital and or medicine.
  • 29. We will claim if the pet breaks any thing in the place as per agreement.
  • 30. While we care for your pet, if the pet vomits or excretes, we will clean it but we will not shampoo them. We can shampoo at an extra charge.


  • 31. If you don’t give us any information and don’t come to pick them up for more than 1 week, we will have the responsibility of your pet and we will do as per regulations dictate.
  • 32. Even you come to pick them up late we will ask you the extra charge. ( 2 times that of the regular price)
  • 33. We don’t have any responsibility if something happens by natural disaster, accidents due to unforeseen incidents, freak accident, chronic disease, pathogenesis, death, injury, escape (even taking a walk) follow by idiosyncrasy.


  • 34. We have the obligation to inform you about your pet in regards to what happened while under our care.


  • 35. We have the responsibility of keeping your dealings with us confidential.