Ski resort located deep inside of Shiga Kogen


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Lessons in English
(100% English ski school, plus several other languages)

Lessons are in English by instructors from all over the world.

●Ski lessons

9:30 – 12:00 ¥10,700 / Fullday till 3:00* ¥15,800 / 1:00-3:00** ¥9,500
Halfday(2h) ¥10,500 / Fullday(4h)*** ¥15,000

●Snowboard lessons

NO CLASS (Kids older then 12yrs can join adult snowboard lessons)
Halfday(2h) ¥10,500 / Fullday(4h)*** ¥15,000

*Full day includes lunch and lift pass for kids
** Can not be first time skiing.
***4h on snow / 1h Lunch break / Lunch not included for adult lessons
Adult lessons start at 10:00am and 1:00pm

Ski & Snowbord Private Lessons
Private lessons are available upon request.
2hrs:¥21,000 3hrs:¥29,000 4hrs:¥41,000 5hrs:¥49,000
Registration, contact
Shiga International Ski School TEL:0269-24-2007